Bimmers South, Inc.

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Bimmers South, Inc.

1030 Ashley Ave.

Bogart, GA 30622

800 350-8986

770 725 4499



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Warranty Policy

We offer a 30 day warranty on used mechanical parts unless otherwise specified. For parts we install, a 90 day warranty will apply. Additional coverages available upon request. The warranty period starts from the date of the invoice. All returns must be accompanied by the original invoice. In the event a part purchased from Bimmers South is defective, we must be notified within the warranty period. We will exchange the part if available, or offer a refund or store credit, at our option. Refunds may be payable in cash, check, or credit card refund at Bimmers South's discression.

To obtain a warranty on engines, the customer must install a new water pump and thermostat. Bimmers South does not warrant against oil consumption, oil leaks, other normal wear and tear, emission levels, seals, gas leaks, oil pump, water pump, belts, hoses, bolts, tightness of bolts, and accessories if sold with engine and warranty. We recommend the use of new oil seals and gaskets before installation.

We mark all of our used parts with our stock number or special indentifier. Do not remove these markings from used parts as this will void your warranty. No refunds or exchanges will be honored without these markings. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that parts have been marked. Please check for this prior to purchase.

Electronic parts are not warrantied unless otherwise specified. No returns on parts that have been altered, used off-road or for racing purposes, run without proper lubrication, disassembled, overheated, special order, improperly installed, or body cut parts. No warranty will be honored on parts improperly installed or abused by either the installer or operator. Bimmers South is not responsible for labor costs, towing or storage fees, or any other costs incurred from our used parts. No refunds will be issued on deposits or shipping charges. Returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Un-drained part returns are subject to a $20 fluid disposal fee.

All used parts must be inspected for defects or safety hazards by the customer prior to purchase. Bimmers South does not guarantee used parts for apparent or non-apparent safety hazards. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inspect all used parts for safety hazards, or hire an expert to do so.

Below is a list of common parts that are not covered by any warranty, expressed or implied:
Pulleys, fan clutches, bushings, bearings, window regulators, instrument cluster gears, water pumps, resistors, expansion tanks, fuel pumps, clutches, and any rubber seals.