Bimmers South, Inc.

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Bimmers South, Inc.

1030 Ashley Ave.

Bogart, GA 30622

800 350-8986

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"Our mission is to provide our customers quality eco-salvaged parts in a timely cost-efficient manner."

Bimmers South, Inc., has always been on the cutting edge of the automotive recycling business. Dealing exclusively with BMW products from a company known world wide for its judicious use of environmental resources, Bimmers South has taken BMW's eco-production practices and policies to the next logical step. We believe that the proper reuse of the world's best production vehicle is essential in completing its life cycle.

'The PEARLS of the future in the palm of our hands.'

We are a company dedicated to preservation of our ecology through innovative recycling principles.

Leading the way to the destruction of our environment is the automobile industry. From ecologically unsound production practices and the hydrocarbon depletion of the ozone layer to unsightly acres of rusting hunks of metal, oozing benzine,heavy metal-contaminated petroleum and other forms of contaminates, the automobile industry jeopardizes our Air, Soil and Water.

We purchase late-model, damaged BMWs from many sources. These cars are inventoried and recyclable parts are identified. The vehicle is then thoroughly cleaned with steam-pressure and non-phosphate detergents via a closed loop system with enzymes to eliminate oil contamination. (This system is mainly rainwater powered.) After the disposed waste water has been treated and tested, it is used to irrigate our landscape. This decreases both pollutants to the environment and hazards to our employees while significantly reducing the use of our most precious resource: WATER!

All fluids and especially freon are captured and sold for recycling with the latest equipment to prevent contamination of our AIR!

The BMWs are disassembled to their component parts and inventoried in our warehouse for resale. All unusable parts, such as tires, batteries, plastics, glass, and damaged metal, are sold to approved recycling plants.

Our complete operation is indoors so there is no storage yard, thus protecting our SOIL and GROUND WATER.